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Line Basketball

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
Dr. Timothy Sawicki

1) Divide the class into two lines of players facing each other.

2) Number each player in each line – for example, one side is numbers #1-15, and the other line is numbers #1-15 so that the lines form partners facing each other…it may be wise for the teacher to ask the children to line up across from someone of equal basketball ability…

3) Place two basketballs in between the lines, which are 3 metres or 10 feet apart, facing each other …

4) The teacher explains that he / she will call the first number from 1-15, and those two players must race to the two basketballs in front of the two lines of players (halfway into each line), i.e.

0 0

5) Once the ball is retrieved by the two players (i.e., #7’s), they pass the ball to each player down their line.. one player passes to their teammates one way, and the other team goes the other way.

6) Both players chest pass down the line to each teammate, and once reaching the end of all passes, tries to make a basket shooting from outside the key. The first player to score a basket gets one point for their team. If a player misses, he/she keeps shooting from outside the key… play continues until one of the basketballs goes in from the two competing players…

7) After one basketball goes in, both balls are returned to the centre between the two lines facing each other, and the losing player gets to yell the next number from 1-15…Play the game up to 10 points (which requires up to 20 numbers called so everyone gets a turn)


  • if the class is odd-numbered, the teacher gets to play as the last number (it is not usually recommended for a teacher to play with the class!)
    but this is a very light, controlled activity, and the class has great fun watching the teacher compete in a low organizational activity against a student
  • instead of a jump shot outside the key, allow a layup
  • instead of a basketball, use another light ball, like a playground ball
  • allow players to shoot from closer
  • instead of the chest pass, dribble in and out in a zig-zag between teammates.

This is a highly energetic and exciting game with lots of cheering and nail-biting… enjoy!

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