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Orange, Orange, Orange

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
Louise Addinall
  • The children sit in a circle.
  • Each child is given the name of a fruit.
  • One person is chosen to stand in the centre of the circle and repeats the name of one of the fruits three times, e.g. orange, orange, orange.
  • The person around the outside of the circle who is the orange, must interrupt by shouting the word orange before the other person has managed to say it three times.
  • If they interrupt successfully, the person in the middle chooses another fruit.
  • If they are not quick enough, they replace the person in the middle.

It is a really fun game and encourages the children to concentrate and tests their reactions. It can be used as a time filler or a warm-up to a circle time session.

These variations were contributed by Sarah:

I played a similar game when I taught in Japan (I got it from a booklet, so I can’t thank whoever came up with the idea), but it was called apple3. The person stood in the middle and tried to “steal” a seat. It was adapted in several ways

  • Try using the names of animals vs the sound they make
  • Try using verbs (present tense three times vs past tense once)
  • Topic words
  • Different language
  • Another language + the translation

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