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Heads and Tails

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

1) The teacher should choose a category. Possible categories include:

Food and DrinkAnimals
NamesThings smaller than a car
Things found in a houseThings found in school
Sports and LeisureTelevision and Film

2) One child should choose one thing from that category and tell the rest of the class. For example, if the category was animals, the child could call out “dog”.

3) The next child should think of another thing in that category which begins with the last letter of this word (e.g. the last letter of dog is “g”, so the next word could be giraffe).

4) This process continues until someone cannot think of a suitable word – repetition of words is not allowed!

Example … dog, giraffe, elephant, tiger, rabbit, tortoise …

This activity could also be used to reinforce the children’s knowledge of types of words (nouns, adjectives, verbs etc.) if you chose one word type (e.g. adverbs) as a category.

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