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The Money Pack

The Money Pack

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Help your children to learn about money with our huge resource pack! This pack includes:

  • Money Guide – Share this guide with your children to teach them about when we use money, change and interest!
  • Money Matching Activity – Cut out the cards on this page and ask your children to match them together again.
  • Counting Coins – Can your children count the coins that are falling out of each purse?
  • Adding Money – A collection of addition calculations that your children can try.
  • Find the Correct Change – Ask your students to work out which coins are needed to make the correct change for each customer in the cafe.
  • Challenge Cards – Eight challenge cards with a variety of money tasks to explore.

These resources are part of our Money Pack. Find out more about this on Teaching Packs.


The Money Pack

The Money Pack

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