Friday, May 24, 2024

Rubber Band Ball

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
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Many teachers struggle to get their students quiet in the hallway.

I started a rubber-band ball, and anytime we get a compliment from an adult in the hallway, we get to add a rubberband to the rubberband ball.

They LOVE it, and it is very inexpensive. I now have the quietest classroom in the hallway.

Here are some tips from Barb Shelby about making a rubber band ball:

All you need to make these easy rubber balls is aluminium foil and a large number of rubber bands. Rubberbands that are colourful and varied in size are better…


  • Give each child a sheet of aluminium foil; have them crumple it into a ball.
  • Take one rubber band at a time and twist it around the foil many times to cover the aluminium foil; the more rubber bands, the bigger the ball.
  • Continue until the ball is the desired size, and no more rubber bands will fit on the ball.
  • When the ball is complete, children will have a high-bouncing ball!

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