Parts of Speech People

Age Range: 7 - 11
By: Kimm Lucas

While teaching my class of 4th grade (ages 9-10) class, we came up with the idea of creating a class of grammar people. This is an ongoing project which will be continued throughout the year. We named all the parts of speeches names such as Victor Verb, Nora Noun, Anthony Adjective and so on.

Group 3-4 students together. Have each group trace one student's body outline onto a piece of large paper. Give each character outline a face. Students should cut out large feet and hands which will be glued onto their "body". Students should also cut out a pink or red heart.

Students fill in the definition of the part of speech in the heart, because the heart (or meaning) of the word is at the center of the body or word. Examples of the types of words can be written down the trouser legs.

The "helping hands" contain explantions of how the particular type of word "helps" a sentence. For example, an adjectives helps to explain more about an object, and a verb helps to make a sentence. The sleeves can have examples of sentences with the focus words underlined. Other details about the type of words can be filled in around the stomach and intestine area. For example, information about verbs in the past/present/future tenses, different types of adjectives or adverbs, etc.

Post your class in the assembly hall, classroom or other display area where everyone else in the school can meet their new classmates.


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