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Rob 'n' Ron

Rob ‘n’ Ron

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

In a miniature spaghetti western live two outlaw brothers: Rob and Ron. Rob is planning their biggest heist yet.

Watch this video with your children, and then try some of our teaching and activity ideas below.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Pause the video and discuss what the brothers might be saying to each other.
  • Write a sequel to this story. What other adventures might these two outlaws have?
  • Make a ‘Wanted’ poster that shows Rob ‘n’ Ron. What crimes might they have committed? (see Resources below)
  • Think about where the piggy bank came from. Write a story that explains this.
  • Carry out role-play activities in which you take the role of Rob / Ron. Can others ask you questions about your adventures?


  • Make a stop-motion animation featuring cowboys. Watch this video that shows clips from the creation of the film:

Design Technology

  • Create a new set of plans that could be used to help Rob and Ron get rich quickly.


  • Make a storyboard that shows the main events of this story.
  • Make a storyboard for a new adventure featuring Rob ‘n’ Ron.
  • Look at the slow-motion sequence of the brothers riding their hobby horses. Look at the frames to see how the animators have shown the movement of the characters.


  • Listen to the music in this short video. How would you describe it? What instruments can you hear? How is it similar / different to other music used in spaghetti westerns?


  • How would you describe the place where Rob and Ron live? Could you identify where it might be on a map?
  • Create a map that shows the locations featured in the story.


  • Can you find out about the history of cowboys and cowgirls?

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