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by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Johnny is a Space Delivery Man who travels to different planets to deliver packages. However, it never goes as planned. Will he be able to finish his mission without trouble?

Watch this video with your children, and then try some of our teaching and activity ideas below.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Retell the story from Johnny’s point of view.
  • Make a persuasive poster to advertise the Johnny Express space delivery service.
  • Write an account of how Johnny was feeling as he arrived on the planet.
  • Write an account from the aliens’ point of view about the new arrival on their planet.
  • Write a newspaper report about the arrival of Johnny Express on the aliens’ planet.
  • Think of some questions to ask Johnny about his experiences on this journey. How might he respond?
  • Pause the video at different points and think of speech / thought bubbles for the characters. Can you add some captions to describe what is happening?


  • Can you find out the distance between different planets? How long would it take to travel between them? How long might a delivery from Earth to Jupiter take?


  • Choose a planet and find out as much as you can about it. Write a report using the information that you have discovered.


  • Can you find out how animations like this are made? Can you try to create one of your own using animation software?
  • Film a new version of the aliens’ TV report in your own language.

Design Technology

  • Design a new delivery rocket to help Johnny deliver his parcels.


  • Retell the story in the form of a storyboard / comic strip.


  • How has music been used to enhance the atmosphere of the short film?


  • Johnny throws his rubbish on the ground. Why is littering bad for the environment?
  • Can you create a persuasive poster to encourage people to recycle?

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