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by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

What do you love to do most? Watch this inspirational message about a young man’s dreams of flight.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Make a similar video that tells others about your own dreams, memories and achievements.
  • Listen to the words in the video. Are there any words that you haven’t heard before?
  • Write a story about a person who can fly.
  • Imagine that your teacher can fly. How would your day at school be different?


  • What forces are involved in flight? Draw pictures of different machines flying and add labels to show the forces that are taking place.


  • Make an animation that shows somebody flying.
  • Use programming software to create a game in which a flying character has to collect / rescue something.

Design Technology

  • People can fly using different machines. Can you find out how these different machines work? Could you try to make your own flying model?


  • How is flight shown in cartoons and comic strips? Can you create your own illustrations that show flight?


  • Listen to the music in the video. What instrument is being played?
  • Can you describe the music using musical vocabulary?


  • Imagine that you could fly anywhere in the world. Where would you go? What places would you travel through to get there? How long might it take?


  • What is the history of flight? Can you write a report about this topic?


  • What do you love to do most? What are your dreams? What is your strongest memory?
  • The person in the video mentions that he discovered ‘a great potential’. What does this mean? What is your great potential?
  • In the video, the person has to practise their flight. What skills do you need to practise?

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