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Buster the Boxer

Buster The Boxer

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

This is the story of a little girl called Bridget who loves to bounce. When her mum and dad buy her a trampoline for Christmas, they soon discover that she isn’t the only one with a passion for jumping.


Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write a story describing the advert from the point of view of one of the wild animals, the dog or Bridget.
  • Write some narration for the advert.
  • Write a letter or email as Bridget’s Dad, describing building the trampoline in the snow and the dog and Bridget’s reactions to the gift.
  • Use stills from the advert and add thought bubbles to show what the characters are thinking (e.g. Dad at 0:15, Buster at 1:23, Bridget at 1:32, 1:36, Buster at 1:42, Mum and Dad at 1:47).
  • Design your own Christmas advert.
  • Write an acrostic poem about Buster.


  • Create a timeline that shows the main events of the film and the approximate times that they took place.


  • Research facts about animals in the advert (fox, badger, squirrel, hedgehog).
  • Investigate bouncy materials. Which materials are the most bouncy? Can you explain why?


  • There have been a lot of videos posted online that show animals bouncing along to the advert. Use animation software (for example, to make an animation of an animal or person bouncing.

Design Technology

  • Design the perfect toy for your pet.


  • Make a comic strip showing the events in the advert.
  • Create collages of the wild animals and Buster.


  • Compose a new soundtrack for the advert.

Religious education

  • Discuss how Christians celebrate Christmas and why it is important to them.


  • Bridget’s Mum and Dad thought hard about the perfect present for her, because they knew she loved bouncing. What would be the perfect present for someone in your family, based on what they like to do? What would be the perfect present for you?

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