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Bunny Situation

Bunny Situation

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

An evil scientist working in a giant theme park tries to catch a bunny that escapes from his laboratory.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • What is this planet? Why do so many people want to go there?
  • Write a persuasive advert to encourage people to visit Theme Planet.
  • Think of words and phrases to describe this planet (look in the Gallery section of the Theme Planet site for some suitable images).
  • Write a job description for one of the workers in the video.
  • Write a diary entry from the point of view of the scientist working in his laboratory.
  • Write a character profile about the scientist. What is his name? What is his personality like? What important events have taken place in his life so far?
  • If you could retell the story to a friend in 100 words, what would you say?
  • Retell the story from the point of view of the rabbit… and / or the scientist.
  • Take some screenshots of the video at different points. Can you think of some captions / speech bubbles / thought bubbles for each of them?
  • Write a description of how it might feel to ride one of the roller coasters on Theme Planet.
  • Pause the video at different points. How would you describe the facial expressions / emotions of each character?
  • Pause the video at 3:05 and write an alternative ending from that point in the video.


  • Can you find out more about the forces and physics involved in roller coasters / theme park rides?


  • Write some narration to accompany the video. Can you record this as an audio recording and combine it with the video using movie editing software?
  • Can you try to create your own characters using 3D modelling software?
  • Use publishing software to design a poster to advertise this movie… or to design the DVD case.

Design Technology

  • Make a labelled diagram showing how the Smart-o-Matic works.
  • The scientist uses a Body Enlargement Robot to catch up with the missing bunny. Can you design a robot that can help you?
  • Design a new ride for this unusual planet.
  • Can you find out how a handcar works? Use this video to help:


  • Look at the Theme Planet site (in the Characters section) and explore the initial sketches of some of the characters. Can you try to sketch your own animation characters?


  • Listen to the video without looking at the images. Can you imagine what might be happening?
  • What instruments can you hear in the music? How would you describe the audio effects and soundtrack?


  • Can you find the location of theme parks / fun fairs next to where you live? How would you travel there? Can you write the directions to help somebody get there?

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