The Thing About Dogs

Age Range: 5 - 11

Genre(s): Documentary

A short video that shares how the narrator feels about dogs.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Pause the video at various points and think of speech / thought bubbles for the dogs.
  • Make a set of instructions that teaches people how to look after (or train) a dog.
  • Listen to the expression of the narrator. Can you read the same words that he says, but with a different expression. How does it change the feeling that the video gives?
  • Write a non-fiction report about dogs.
  • Create your own story about a dog, told from the first or third person.
  • Make a list of different words that can be used to describe dogs. Can you use any of these to describe other animals?


  • How many dogs can you count in the video?
  • Think about the sizes of different dogs. How small is the smallest dog? How large is the largest? What units should we use to measure the height / length of a dog?


  • Make a poster that teaches people about dogs.


  • Make your own video about an animal, that shares how you feel about them.
  • Make an animation (or a game) about a dog and an adventure that it might have.

Design Technology

  • Design a toy that a dog might enjoy playing with. Remember to ensure that it is safe for the dog.


  • Look at photos of dogs (see Resources below) and use these as the starting point for your own art work.


  • What do you think of the music used in this video? How does it make you feel? Could you find (or compose) a different piece of music to accompany the film?


  • Can you find out the translations for the word 'dog' in different languages?


  • Pause the video at various points and describe how you think the dogs are feeling. How can you tell?


Dog Photos

Dog Photos

Photos of different types of dogs that you can use for reference in your classroom.


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