Age Range: 7 - 11

Genre(s): Adventure

When the world is threatened by an evil hammerhead shark bent on flooding the world, it's up to SpyFox to stop him and save the world!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write a sequel to the story, in which SpyFox has to save the world from another evil enemy.
  • Write your own story about an animal who is a secret agent.
  • There are a few puns in the film that make use of homophones (e.g. pause / paws). Can you make a list of homophones and think of different ways of remembering the difference between them?
  • Pause the video at various points and write a complex sentence to describe what is happening.
  • Lilly describes the button as 'big' and 'red'. Can you think of any synonyms for these words?
  • Write a sentence / paragraph about SpyFox that includes a range of different punctuation correctly.
  • Write a diary entry from the point of view of SpyFox. Remember to include how he is feeling at different times.


  • Write a timetable that shows the things that happens in a day in the life of SpyFox. Use these to make up some word problems, e.g. If SpyFox defeats the Hammerhead Shark at 11.20am and gets another emergency call at 12.05pm, how long does he have to rest in between?


  • Watch the 'Behind the Scenes' video and discuss the different stages of making an animation like this:

Design Technology

  • Look at the gadgets that SpyFox uses in the video. What do they do? How might they work? What materials are they made from? Could you make a model of one?
  • Design a new gadget for SpyFox to use to outwit his enemies.


  • Create a storyboard that retells the story (or part of it).
  • Make a comic strip about a new adventure that SpyFox might have.


  • Hammerhead Shark uses a laser to melt the polar ice caps. Can you find out about global warming? What is it? How might it affect life for animals and plants?


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