Two Worlds

Age Range: 7 - 11
By: Sam Collins

Genre(s): Science Fiction

Two Worlds is a story about two opposites coming together out of necessity. What will happen when they work together?

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Stop the film at 0:14. What do you think this film might be about? What makes you think that?
  • Design a storyboard for the film.
  • Watch the film teaser on the website. Why have they chosen those scenes for the teaser? Which scenes would you choose?
  • Does this remind you of any other films (for example Wall-E or Star Wars)? Discuss the similarities and differences between them. 
  • Watch the film from 1:11 - 1:21. What can you infer about the setting from the details shown?
  • Collect words to describe the setting and write your own description of it.
  • Stop the film as certain points (for example; 0:42, 1:45, 2:26, 4:11, 5:05). What are the characters thinking?
  • Make a list of the characteristics of the robot and the alien. How are they represented? 
  • Write character profiles for the two main characters. 
  • Write dialogue between the main characters, for example from 5:27 - 5:45.
  • Suggest an alternative title for the film.
  • Write a prequel - how did the alien come to be on his / her own on the planet? 
  • What do you think the alien’s “glasses” are for? How do they work?
  • Write a sequel. What happens after the film has ended? 
  • Write a diary entry by one of the main characters.
  • Write some narration for the film.
  • Compare this film with Wire Cutters. What are the similarities? What are the differences?



  • Investigate how communication works in space and make a fact file about the topic.
  • List the ways in which humans and machines communicate, e.g. computer interfaces, cash machines, operating household machines?
  • Look at the film’s website. Design your own website for the film.

Design Technology

  • Design a transportation device. Create labelled diagrams and build your design if you can.


  • Watch the film from 5:06 - 5:10. Draw or paint a scene in the same style, with the circles acting like viewfinders. 
  • Make a 3D planetscape using found materials.


  • Try watching without the sound. What effect do the sound effects have? What happens if you put other sounds over the images? For example, watch 2:30 - 2:43. The music is used to build tension. Try watching again while listening to music in a different style and discuss the effect.
  • Compare the soundtrack to other sci fi music (e.g. Star Wars or War of the Worlds themes). What common features do you notice?


  • It took the film maker 10 years from his initial idea to the finished film. What do you think about this?
  • The tagline for the film is “finding hope in the bleakest of moments”. What do you think that means? Could you plan a story with a similar theme?


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