Age Range: 5 - 11

Genre(s): Adventure

Watch this delightful Pixar short and use it as the starting point for learning in different areas of the curriculum!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • A group of sandpipers is called a ‘fling’. Can you find out the collective nouns for different groups of animals?
  • Write (and record) some narration for this video in the style of a nature documentary.
  • Create a diary entry from the point of view of Piper.
  • Pause the video at different points (e.g. 1:01, 1:17, 2:11, 3:14, 4:17) and think of captions or speech / thought bubbles for the characters.
  • Write a story about an unlikely friendship between two animals.
  • Write your own story about an animal that overcomes its fears.
  • Create a persuasive advert to promote this video to an audience.
  • Think of words and phrases to describe the main character. How does Piper change as the animation develops?
  • Write an acrostic poem about PIPER or SANDPIPERS.
  • Write a sequel in which Piper has a new adventure.
  • Write your own review of this animation, in the style of a newspaper movie review.


  • Create food chains / webs that include sandpipers.
  • Describe the habitats shown in the video. What other plants and creatures might live there?
  • Think about how sandpipers are adapted to living in this habitat.
  • What are tides? Create a report that teaches others about them.


  • Use image editing software to create your own pictures of Piper.
  • Create a game about a sandpiper that has to catch its own food while avoiding the waves.
  • Create an animation that shows sandpipers running along the shore to get some food but then fleeing from the waves.
  • Look at Pixar’s site and then create your own website to promote this short film to others.
  • Use publishing software to create some promotional posters / leaflets to advertise this movie.


  • Create a comic strip that retells this story. Add captions and thought bubbles to accompany your illustrations.
  • Look at photos of sandpipers and create your own pictures / paintings of them (see resource below).
  • Look at the photo of the young sandpiper on the downloadable resource below and compare this to Pixar's image of Piper. How are they similar / different? Can you use similar techniques to create your own version of a baby animal that could be used in an animated movie?


  • Listen to the soundtrack of this video. What instruments can you hear? How would you describe the music?
  • How does the music change throughout the animation? How does it enhance the story?
  • Can you compose a new soundtrack for the video (or a small part of it)?


  • Piper is terrified of the waves at the beginning of the story. How would you encourage her to return and try again?
  • What are you frightened of? Have you ever overcome one of your fears? How would you help somebody else to overcome their own fears?
  • In the animation, Piper shows her determination and perseverance. Think of occasions when you have had to persevere at something.



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great short video, cute, adorable, funny and a good learning curve


Pratyansh Vishw...

Awesome short movie & inspirational too for all human beings