Moz the Monster

Age Range: 5 - 11

Genre(s): Adventure

Joe befriends a noisy monster under his bed but the two have so much fun together that he can't get to sleep…

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write the story of how Moz came to be under the bed.
  • Write your own letter to Santa.
  • Draw a picture of Joe and Moz on a piece of paper and surround them with adjectives that describe them. 
  • Stop the film on the opening scene. What clues are there to Joe’s character from the items in the room? 
  • Write a narration for the advert. 
  • Read some other books about monsters, for example Where the Wild Things Are or The Gruffalo. Can you think of any more? Can you see any similarities with the advert?
  • Make a storyboard of the advert.
  • Write your own version of the story, with your own unique monster. 
  • Write some dialogue between Joe and Moz.
  • Imagine you are Joe’s sister. How would you describe the story from her point of view?
  • Watch the film from 1:30 - 1:36. Write a list of words to describe what Joe is thinking and how he is feeling. 
  • Stop the film at 1:05. How does Joe’s dad feel? What might he say to the other dad? 
  • Write a poem about Joe and Moz.


  • When Moz looks at the clock it is 1am (1:14). If Joe normally goes to bed at 8pm, how much later is this than his normal bedtime?


  • Joe is very interested in astronomy. Research the constellations that can be seen in the night sky where you are during December. 
  • How does the star projector work?


Moz the Monster Maker

Design Technology

  • Joe’s sister’s ear muffs don’t do a very good job of blocking Moz’s snoring! Can you design a better pair, or something else to do the job? 
  • Design a “No monsters allowed” poster.
  • Could you make a model of Moz using a variety of materials?


Moz the Monster Examples


  • The song is called “Golden Slumbers” and is a lullaby. Listen to other lullabies, what about them makes you feel sleepy?

Religious education

  • Joe and his family celebrate with presents under the tree at Christmas time. Discuss other ways in which Christians celebrate Christmas.


  • What do you do when you can’t sleep? 
  • How do you feel when you haven’t had enough sleep? 
  • The star projector is the perfect gift for Joe. When have you been given (or given) a really thoughtful gift?
  • Watch the making of video. Moz is actually played by two people inside the same suit. How do you think it felt to be inside that suit?


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