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Toys Inspiration Posters

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

The posters below show an eye-catching image relating to toys, along with a question for your children to think about. Here are some ways that these resources could be used in the classroom:

  • Make a classroom display about toys and use these posters as part of it.
  • Show the children a poster at the start of your lesson and ask them to discuss the answers with a friend.
  • Challenge children to work in a small group to think about the answers and come to a group agreement.
  • Use the activities as early morning work, extension or time-filler activities.
  • Print a small copy of one of the posters and use it as a homework activity.

Leave a comment if you have any other ideas for using these resources in your classroom…


Toys Inspiration Posters

Toys Inspiration Posters

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