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How is Chocolate Made?

How Is Chocolate Made?

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

The teaching resources below show the steps involved in the production of chocolate. They are split into ten steps and are available as posters and smaller cards.

Try using these resources in your classroom is some of the following ways…

  • Show the PDF posters on a large display and use them as a whole class teaching tool.
  • Print the posters and put them up on a classroom display.
  • Give children copies of the cards and ask them to use the resources to make a set of instructions to teach others how to make chocolate.
  • Give out the cards, jumble them up and challenge children to put them into the correct order.
  • Use the resources as reference materials and ask the pupils to make a ‘How Chocolate is Made’ poster.
  • Identify the technical vocabulary shown on the posters / cards and ask children to explain what they mean. Can they make a glossary using these terms?


How is Chocolate Made? Posters

How is Chocolate Made? Posters

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How is Chocolate Made?

How is Chocolate Made? Cards

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