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Dinosaur Pronunciation

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

Trying to say the names of different dinosaurs can be challenging for anyone, regardless of your reading ability! Our handy cards can be used to help children to pronounce different dinosaur names. They can be used in the classroom in lots of different ways.

  • Give children a selection of the cards and ask them to try pronouncing them.
  • Cut out each card, fold it in the middle and stick the pronunciation and the picture back to back. Children can then test themselves (or each other) by reading the pronunciation and checking the real word on the back. They could also try to read the name first and check their pronunciation by reading it on the back.
  • Challenge pupils to make their own dinosaur pronunciation cards for other dinosaurs.
  • Discuss the spelling patterns within each dinosaur name. Are there any spelling patterns that are used in lots of dinosaur names? What are the easy parts of the spelling? What are the difficult parts?
  • Print the cards and add them to a dinosaur display on your classroom walls.


Dinosaur Pronunciation

Dinosaur Pronunciation

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