Friday, July 19, 2024


Information, activities and resources relating to the Beaufort scale – the scale we use to measure the wind.

Help your children to measure the temperature each day with our free printable charts. Includes a variety of charts to help your pupils to show the results in different ways.

Are you teaching your children about weather? Share our twenty fascinating facts with them and add these free cards to your classroom displays!

Weather And Climate

by Mark Warner

A presentation that is designed to walk students through asking questions and thinking critically about weather and climate.

The Water Cycle

by Mark Warner

Look at these amazing Water Cycle projects, created by children in Mr. Noone’s class at St. Brigid’s BNS, Killester in Dublin! Could you try a similar activity with your class?


by Mark Warner

A fisherman in a storm has a strange encounter. Explore our free teaching ideas linked to this short animation!

Observe the weather using your own equipment! Includes a set of plans and instructions to help your students create their own barometer, anemometer, wind vane and rain gauge.

A cross-curricular idea which involves researching, planning, scripting and presenting weather forecasts for the local area.