Sunday, June 16, 2024

Michael Morpurgo

Kensuke’s Kingdom

by Mark Warner

Have a look at our long list of activities and ideas for working with this classic book. Kensuke’s Kingdom is one of Michael Morpurgo’s most popular books.

The Butterfly Lion

by Mark Warner

Use Michael Morpugo’s book The Butterfly Lion as the starting point for learning in your classroom with our free teaching ideas and activities.

War Horse

by Mark Warner

Explore our free teaching ideas and activities. We have lots of inspiration for War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. Try them with the students in your classroom!

Use Michael Morpurgo’s super picture book, It’s a Dog’s Life, with your class. We have plenty of ideas and activities to inspire you.

Billy The Kid

by Mark Warner

Read Billy the Kid by Michael Morpurgo with your class and try some of our popular teaching ideas and activities for the book.