Warm Up Ideas

Lots of lovely warm up ideas to get your class moving at the start of the PE lesson.

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5 - 11

Stuck in the Mud

A classic game which is a great warm up activity, or simply play it for fun!
5 - 11

Traffic Lights

 An enjoyable warm-up based on traffic lights!
5 - 7

Late for School!

A fun warm up activity which involves pretending to get ready for school! Includes a related cool-down activity too. 
5 - 11

Pirate Ship

A fun warm-up game in which children pretend to be on board a pirate ship.
5 - 11

Summer Fun

 A fun game to play in the sunshine, with children following commands as quickly as they can.
5 - 11

Up, Down, Stop, Go!

An exciting warm-up activity.
5 - 7

Make a Letter

A physical activity which is useful for reinforcing phonics too!
5 - 11

Rolling Rocks

An exciting game that requires skill and concentration from all team members!
5 - 11

Team Seating

Encourage your children to work in teams using this co-operative activity.

The Video Game

An enjoyable warm up activity involving video recorder controls!
7 - 11

Memory Cards

A team game which involves collecting (and remembering) sets of playing cards.
5 - 11

Run Through the Jungle

A fast-paced activity which asks children to perform different jungle-based actions!
5 - 7


An exciting warm-up game which involves trying to escape from imaginary sharks!
5 - 11

The Atom Game

Encourage teamwork and collaboration with this exciting game.
5 - 11

The Washing Game

A fun warm-up game that is based on washing!