Reward Ideas

A collection of ideas to support teachers in developing good behaviour and reward systems in the classroom.

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2 - 5

Rewarding Learning

An effective way of encouraging children and rewarding them when they succeed!
5 - 11

Be a Special Friend

Praise those children who are a special friend by rewarding them with these excellent ideas!
5 - 11

Class Mascot

 An interesting way of encouraging children and good for Literacy skills too!
5 - 11

Homework Credits

A brilliant way of encouraging children to complete their homework.
5 - 11

Rewarding Punctuality

 Reward those children who are on time using this simple trick!
5 - 11

Behaviour Ladder

An effective way of encouraging good behaviour in your class.
5 - 11

Driving to the Prize Flags

Use this clever strategy to help your children to achieve objectives and improve behaviour.
5 - 11

Ladder of Success

Help children to climb the ladder of success with this simple reward system.
5 - 11

Reward Jar

An easy to manage system of rewarding children for all kinds of things.
5 - 11

Behaviour Train

Use this train idea to reward good behaviour in your classroom.
5 - 11

Friday Raffle!

An extremely simple way of rewarding good behaviour.
5 - 11

Friday's Fine Diners

Use this technique to encourage good behaviour at lunchtimes.
5 - 11

Lunchtime Lotto

A weekly reward system which encourages good behaviour throughout the school.
5 - 7

Rubber Band Ball

Use this technique to reward your children.
5 - 11

Big Bucks

A reward system involving the collecting of virtual money.