Mental Starters

These fantastic teaching ideas and downloadable classroom resources will get your maths lesson off to a flying start!

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5 - 7

Skip Counting

An enjoyable game which can be used to teach Maths concepts as well as foreign languages!
5 - 11

Twister Maths

 Play a game of Twister while developing Maths skills!
5 - 11

Big Board / Little Board

A competitive game which can be used to review lots of different Maths concepts.
5 - 7

What's my Number?

 An enjoyable game in which children practice mental arithmetic in order to guess a number.
7 - 11

Number Chains

A very simple idea which requires quick mental calculations. A set of number chain cards are also included in a variety of formats.
7 - 11

Speed Circle

A team game which can be used to review a wide range of operations.
7 - 11

Who Wants to be a Mathematician?

A fantastic warm up activity, based on the popular TV show.