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These fantastic teaching ideas and downloadable classroom resources will get your maths lesson off to a flying start!

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5 - 11

Chair Swap

Learn Maths, and encourage manners at the same time!
5 - 11

If this is the answer...

 Give children an answer and they have to work out the question.
7 - 11


An exciting game which encourages quick addition and can be used to introduce probability.
5 - 11

Stay Standing

A fun game show activity, which can be used with most Maths topics.
7 - 11


An excellent Maths game based on the Countdown TV show.
7 - 11


A fun way of quizzing children about different Maths concepts.
5 - 11

Ping Pong

A useful mental game which can be used to reinforce number bonds.
5 - 11

Maths Table Challenge

A fun way of reinforcing mental arithmetic throughout the day!
7 - 11

Detective Trail

Send your children out on a detective trail and solve lots of Maths problems.
7 - 11

Last Man Standing

 Answer Maths questions, but don't be the last one standing!

Ring the Answer

Which student will ring the correct answer first?
5 - 11

Tell Me About a Number

 Get children to think about a particular number... how many different things can they think of?
5 - 11

Auction Responses

 An exciting way of encouraging children to respond to Maths questions.
5 - 11

The Disappearing Man

Practise number properties by making a man disappear!
5 - 11

Maths Champion

A simple game which can be used to test any Maths topic.