You will never be stuck for a games idea with this great collection of PE games, perfect for skills practice.

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7 - 11

Hockey Tag

A simple game which can be used to develop hockey skills.
7 - 11


A fast-paced team game which is always popular with children.
5 - 7

Hoop Activity

A very enjoyable activity which encourages children to co-operate in order to complete the task.

Bench Police

Will your pupils move carefully around the benches or will they get caught by the bench police?
5 - 11

Hop in a Hoop!

A fun game involving lots of hoops and plenty of teamwork.
5 - 11

Capture the Flag

An exciting team game which involves capturing the opposing team's flag.
5 - 11

Untying the Knot

Get your children to tangle themselves into a knot and then ask them to untangle themselves!
5 - 7

Catching Balloons

 Help younger children with their co-ordination by using balloons in your PE lessons.
7 - 11
Tag Rugby Display

Tag Rugby Display

As part of our Games lessons about tag rugby, the children explored the rules of the game.