English Time Fillers

Explore our range of short, educational English ideas that can be used when you have a few spare moments in the classroom.

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7 - 11

Which Pupil?

Can your children guess which pupil has been chosen using clues based on their initials?
7 - 11

Celebrity Heads

Four children stand out at the board. The teacher (or another child) then writes the names of 4 different people above the children's heads.
5 - 11

Recognising Sounds

A quick game to encourage children to recognise the sounds used at the start of words.
5 - 11

Who am I?

A guessing game which involves good drama skills!
5 - 11

Chinese Whispers

A classic game which is great fun to play in the classroom.

Team X

Are your children brave enough to play this wonderful listening game?
5 - 11

Word Master

Improve vocabulary skills with this simple competitive game.
5 - 11

Describing Pictures

A very fun activity which increases describing (and listening) skills.
5 - 11

TOAS - Think of a Sentence

A fun filler involving the creation of strange sentences based upon a given set of letters.
5 - 11

Barrier Games

Print a copy of one of these Smart Notebook slides, and ask a child to describe it.
5 - 11

Step Words

A great English game to help your children think about spelling.
5 - 11


A fun game that can be used to help children think about spelling.
5 - 11

Heads and Tails

A fun game that helps to expand children's vocabulary.
5 - 11


A fun game where children think of words (in specific categories) beginning with certain letters.