Cool Down Ideas

Bring your PE lessons to a calm and relaxed conclusion with these super cool down ideas and activities.

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5 - 7

Late for School!

A fun warm up activity which involves pretending to get ready for school! Includes a related cool-down activity too. 
5 - 11

Popcorn Ball

Your children will need to listen carefully during this collaborative game!
5 - 11

Silent Assassin

Will your students be able to identify the assassin in this fun cool-down game?
5 - 11


Pass a message around the circle. Will the message at the end be the same as the one at the start?
5 - 11

Tiring Morning

A relaxing way to cool down at the end of a lesson.
5 - 11

Hide the Item

Will your children be able to identify who has the hidden item?
5 - 11

1, 2, 3, Freeze!

How long will your children be able to 'freeze' and stay in the game?
5 - 11

Cool Downs and Stretches

Some useful ideas for the cool down part of your lesson.
5 - 11

Dancing Transitions

A fun way of occupying children during breaks, or as warm-up and cool-down activities.
5 - 11

Duck, Duck Goose

This popular game can be played by small or large groups of children.