Little Bo Peep Play

Age Range: 2 - 5
By: Jessica Ball

Here is a resource that should be used for Reception Children and the under fives which was turned from a rhyme to a play. Its called Little Bo Peep.

Little Bo Peep: Hi. My name is Little Bo Peep. I live in a cottage in Manor Hills. I just started to be a local farmer. I have to look after some sheep. I looked after lots of animals in the past. Enjoy the show.

Little Bo Peep: Sheep! Time to go for a walk.

Tom the sheep: Oh no, not a walk. We want to stay in the warmth. Yesterday you made us walk 3 times a day.

Little Bo Peep: Oh, come on Tom, you need to get some exercise. That is what sheep do.

Claire the sheep: Yeah, come on Tom, I don’t even like it, but I’m still doing it.

Tom the sheep: But, I’m tired.

Claire the sheep: Stop whinging Tom, and get on with it because Little Bo Peep is far ahead and we need to catch up with her.

Tom the sheep: Oh, you stupid knowitall.

Little Bo Peep: Come on you slowcoaches. I hope you don’t get lost.

Claire the sheep: Yeah, Tom!

Tom the sheep: Oh, I’m getting so bored. Hey, wait a minute. They’re gone. I could have a bit of a rest in the barn. Mmm. Nice and comfy. Much better than a walk. Wait a minute. I’m not in the barn, I’m in the woods. I’m lost. I wonder how Little Bo Peep would have felt.

Little Bo Peep: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.... Wait a minute. One of our sheep is missing. Have any of you have seen Tom.

David the sheep: I know where Tom have got to. He has gone to the woods.

Little Bo Peep: The woods! Oh dear. (she cries.) Claire, can you go and get him for me?

Claire the sheep: Yeah. I will be able to get him. Where is he?

Little Bo Peep: In the woods. Also I would like you to promise you not to get lost.

Claire the sheep: I promise. (Claire walks off to the woods trying to find Tom.)

David the sheep: I hope Claire finds Tom soon.

Little Bo Peep: Don’t worry David. I’m sure she will. We need a fine, safe place in the barn so we know when they’re here.

Tom the sheep: Claire!

Claire the sheep:Tom: I’m so sorry that I argued with you earlier, You know you need to get too much exercise.

Tom the sheep: That’s ok. I’m sorry too. I should have walk with you and the rest of the sheep. Maybe I was just a bit tired.

Claire the sheep: Come on, lets go home and also be friends.

Little Bo Peep: So then, my sheep Tom was found. The main hero in my story was Claire, because she started to argue and then she felt a lot sorry for him. When I’ve lost Tom I cried so badly. Then, he was found. It was all thanks to Claire the sheep. The main moral to my story is that you need to get some exercise every single day, and listen to what other people have to say, Remember, think before you speak.


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