Skooville Challenge Cards

Age Range: 7 - 11

Skooville Challenge Cards

Skooville is a safe social network for children. It has a number of fantastic tools for children to help them to learn valuable ICT and eSafety skills.

To help teachers to use the site effectively in their classrooms, we have created a set of challenge cards that can be used in a number of different ways:

  • Choose one of the cards and ask all of the children in your class to try that challenge.
  • Give out all of the cards so that every child has a different one. Can they complete the challenge that they have been given?
  • Ask your children to complete as many of the challenges as they can over a given period of time (e.g. a term). Skooville Teacher awards can be given to children who complete the most.
  • Give each child a card and ask them to teach a partner how to complete that challenge.
  • Ask the pupils to write a set of instructions that teaches others how to complete the challenge shown on their card.
  • Give the cards out and ask children to complete one (or more) of them as a homework activity.
  • Use the cards as part of ICT lessons and during a Skooville club.
  • Ask your class to think of other challenges that they could complete on Skooville. Could they make their own set of cards?

If you have any other suggestions for using these teaching resources in your classroom, leave a comment below to share it. Thank you!


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