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Woodland Animals Resources

Woodland Animals Resources

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

A number of photo resources are available for download below, based on a selection of woodland animals. Here are some ways that they could be used in the classroom:

  • Choose one of the animals in the photos and discuss any special abilities that it has.
  • Choose two (or more) of the animals and think of ways they are similar / different.
  • Think about the habitat of the animals. What is it like there? Why do these animals prefer to live there?
  • Make instructions that teach people how to look after the woodland habitat.
  • Think of words that can be used to describe each animal.
  • Write an alliterative sentence about each animal, e.g. The slippery snake slithered along the smooth slope..
  • Let children use them as the starting point for artwork. Could your children draw / paint some of the animals?
  • Choose one of the cards at random and write a story that includes that animal.

If you have any new ideas about using these resources in the classroom, leave a comment below…

Similar resources are also available for other animals:


Woodland Animals Photos

Woodland Animals – Photos

Download File

Woodland Animals Cards

Woodland Animals – Cards

Download File

Woodland Animals Collage

Woodland Animals – Collage

Download File

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