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Sorting Animals Resources

Sorting Animals Resources

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

The resources below can be used to teach your children about keys and ways of sorting / classifying animals. They include:

  • Sorting Animals Activity – This includes a completed branching key that you can discuss with your class. How does it work? How do we use it to identify different creatures? How are the animals similar / different? A blank version is also available (with the relevant animal cards) so that your children can complete the key for themselves.
  • Sorting Animals Cards – A set of twenty animal cards can also be downloaded below. Your students could use these for their own sorting activities. Can they pick eight / ten (or more, depending on their age / ability) and create their own branching key to help others to sort and identify them?


Sorting Animals - Activity

Sorting Animals – Activity

Download File

Sorting Animals - Cards

Sorting Animals – Cards

Download File

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