Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Remember The Planets

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Chandra Anil

This game helps to teach children the different planets of the solar system in a fun way. It is a variation of the four corners game we played when we were kids.

Make the children form three groups of 9 each. Label each child as “Mercury”, “Venus”, etc and ask them to remember which planet they represent.

In three corners of the room, draw a Sun in the centre and circles for each planet. Make each child stand in his/her circle according to his planetary position.

One child (planet X – You can give him/her any name you choose) is made to stand away from these groups. The children (planets) move around their sun as they chant the names of the planets in order. Once they have finished one round, the teacher calls out the name of any one planet. If “Saturn” was called, the 3 Saturns must exchange places with each other. Planet X meanwhile tries to dash to one of the Saturns’ circles. If he/she reaches there before the other Saturn, Planet X now becomes Saturn, and the homeless Saturn turns into Planet X. The game can be made more lively by playing some music while the planets revolve around the Sun and stopping it to call out a planet’s name.

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