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Animal Adaptations Matching Activity

Animal Adaptations Matching Activity

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11

Can your children match the animals to their adaptations? Download this free classroom resource for your Science lessons!

The PDF below contains information about eight animals. These are the Arctic fox, camel, walrus, red panda, carpenter ant, dolphin, cactus and water lily. Each page shows a photo of the animal, its name and four different ways they are adapted to living in their habitat.

How to use this resource:

  • Cut out the rectangles on each page, jumble them up and use them as a matching activity.
  • Share the PDF on a large display and use it as a starting point for learning about how animals are adapted to particular habitats.
  • Print the pages and use them as a reference resource during your Science activities.
  • Challenge your children to make a similar page based on a different animal.
  • Ask your students to find out if the animals have other adaptations that aren’t included on each page.
  • Display the pages as posters on a classroom display board.
  • Use the pages for shared / guided reading activities.

We hope that you like this resource. It is part of our popular Habitats resource pack.


Animal Adaptations Matching Activity

Animal Adaptations Matching Activity

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