Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Click Cup

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Pip Todd

This idea for boosting self-esteem was passed on to me by a colleague.

Have a large cup or box in a central area in the classroom. Call it the “Click cup”. Next to it, have some strips of paper cut ready, large enough for children to write a name on.

Pupils can write any name of a class member on a strip of paper at any time if they feel someone has been helpful or shown kindness or been a good friend (anything positive). The slip is folded anonymously and placed into the cup or box. KS2 should write the name and give a reason KS1 should just put the name.

At the end of the session (or day) teacher or chosen pupil pulls out a strip from the cup and reads the name (and reason). The whole class then click fingers for the person on the strip of paper. This is not as harsh or embarrassing as full applause!

My class loved this at the end of the day, and it sent them home with a smile and motivated them to do something positive for each other most days.

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