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Do You Have A Growth Mindset? Posters

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

If you’re teaching your children about growth mindset, we have eight free posters that you can add to your classroom display boards. Each poster shows a picture of a ‘brain’ character with a simple prompt:

  1. Do you have a Growth Mindset?
  2. I LOVE learning new things!
  3. I look for new challenges to train my brain!
  4. I always try my best and put 100% effort into my work.
  5. I listen to feedback from others and use it to improve.
  6. I am inspired by others and try to learn from their achievements.
  7. I learn from my mistakes.
  8. I never say, “I can’t do this”. I say… “I can’t do this yet!”.

These posters are a great way of reminding your children about growth mindset concepts. Could you challenge your children to design their own posters too?

For more resources like this, download our enormous Growth Mindset teaching resource pack!


Do you have a Growth Mindset? Posters

Do you have a Growth Mindset? Posters

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