Sunday, May 26, 2024

A Special Banner

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

I saw some artwork while on supply and adapted it, so I can’t claim all the credit.

Talk to the children about them being special. What makes a person special? Talk about how we’re different and unique. Even when we do wrong things, it doesn’t mean we stop being special. Talk to them about being special to God. Why are we special to God? ( They have some great answers).

Ask them to think of 5 people who are special to them. Draw them and write why they are special. Ask them to think of 5 people who they are special to and write why. As a follow on, get the children to tell you one thing that they think makes them special, e.g. I am kind, generous, friendly, etc.

Make a banner on a long strip of paper with that word in bubble writing. Then get the children to decorate the word as a collage, sticking things onto the letters.

It makes a very effective display and can take a whole afternoon to complete! Could be easily adapted to make it more or less challenging.

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