Age Range: 7 - 11
By: Roger Rooke


"Everest" is a board game that develops quick recall of number bonds that all add up to 12 or less. Children can design their own boards with ropes, climbers, avalanches and yeti etc although a basic board is available below. Counters and 3 standard dice are needed.

The idea is to fill the spaces on the board using single numbers or combinations of numbers but the spaces must be completed in order, from 1 at the Start up to 12 at the Summit and then descending again to 1 at the finish.

Basic Game Procedure:

  • Player A throws the 3 dice - If a 1 is visible then a counter is placed on the 1 space. If there is no 1 then the dice are passed to the next player.
  • Players continue throwing the dice until they get stopped i.e. they are unable to make the next number in their required sequence.
  • Play then passes to the next player (groups of 2,3,4 are suitable).
  • The best possible initial throw is 1, 2 and 4 as 1 is covered, 2 is covered, 1+2=3 so 3 is covered, 4 is covered, 4+1=5 so 5 is covered, 4+2=6 so 6 is covered and 4+2+1=7 so 7 is covered! The player must then attempt to make 8 in the next throw.

A. The summit number can be reduced to 10 and the game can be renamed "Jack and Jill" for younger pupils.
B. A group can share one board with each player using a singlecounter to climb with.
C. Speed Challenge! 2 players with their own board and set of 3 dice take on another team of two. They throw the dice as speedily as possible to try to get to the finish before their opponents! Hard hats and ear defenders may be needed!

This is a fun activity that can be used as a starter game or a "reward" at the end of a session.



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