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Witches, Goblins And Monsters

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
Alicia Lasante

If you have a smaller class with 10-18 students, this game will get them running and laughing.

Rule of the game: Witches chase Goblins, Goblins chase Monsters, and Monsters chase Witches.

Split the class into two even groups. Each group huddles in a corner and decides whether they want to be a Witch, Goblin, or Monster. When both groups have secretly decided, they stand in the middle of the gym facing each other.

On the count of three, one person from each group yells out what they are (Witches, Goblins, or Monsters). One group is chasing the other group or running from the other group, depending on what they decided they were going to be.

If there is a tie just redo the round.

For example: If group one chose Witches, and group two chose Monsters…. then group one runs to their safe home base because Monsters chase Witches. Whomever is tagged joins the other team for the next round. To repeat the activity, groups should then return to a huddle and choose what they want to be.

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