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Toilet Tag

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-7
Karin Ayres

This is a team game, which is great fun. My class ask to play it each week and never get tired of this fun game based on tag.

Split the class in half. Those who are ‘on / it’ have to tag others. When tagged, the child becomes a toilet! They have to kneel on one knee, arm up for the flush and the other knee (foot on floor) flat for the toilet seat.

To be released, someone from your team has to go to the loo on you and flush your chain. No one can tag you whilst you’re on the loo. Swap over after 10 minutes.

A funny, physical and thoroughly enjoyable game. A colleague passed this one to me, but I have adapted it to suit my class of Y2 children.

Here is a variation, contributed by Maggie:

“We call this ‘Flush the Loo’. Children are running around with 3-4 children who are ‘on / it’. When they’re caught, they stand in one spot with their arm out and can’t move until someone else flushes the loo. It’s a fast pace than the other version and very good, especially for ‘active’ boys. It’s good to blow the whistle after 30 seconds and pick new people to be on. Also important to point out how to flush properly as they tend to bang down on each others’ arms while they are running – a penalty is a time-out for that one game. This has worked very well in my class, and they love it.”

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