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The Washing Game

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
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Try the washing game with the children in your class. Commands are as follows:

  • Skirt – Children sit on floor with legs stretched out wide.
  • Trousers – Children sit on floor with legs outstretched together.
  • Shorts – Children sit on floor, hugging legs into stomach.
  • Dress – Children stand up with legs outstretched.
  • Washing machine – Jump up and down on the spot.
  • Spin Dryer – Spin around on the spot.

Emily Stephenson also suggested the following additions:

  • Socks – bend over and touch toes
  • Gloves – bend and stretch fingers
  • Scarf – stretch up tall on tip toes
  • Hat – walk round with hands on head
  • Pants – children wiggle bottom
  • Washing machine – children do a forward roll
  • Hang out the washing – children bend down and touch the floor then jump up with their arms up

Can your class think of any more?

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