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The Video Game

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Anita Moffatt

This activity can be used as a warm up to most PE lessons and my Y5 children still haven’t tired of it!!

Children respond to the following video controls, using the appropriate actions:

  • Play – walk around
  • Rewind – run / walk backwards
  • Fast Forward – run
  • Pause – jump on the spot
  • Stop – stop

Emma Holliday has also added the following command:

  • Eject – Jump Up!

Zoe also suggested:

  • Record – pull a funny face!

Elaine also contributed the following suggestions:

  • Search for the programme – get the children to skip sideways.
  • Change – they then change direction.
  • Slow Motion – walk in a slow exaggerated way.

Some more suggestions from Jill:

  • Shift – 3 secs to move quickly to a different part of the room
  • Spacebar – Find a space
  • Delete – Flat on the ground, face down
  • Control – Hold a position

Another suggestion from a visitor:

  • Change disk – As part of a swimming lesson, this can be used to get the children to duck under the water.

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