Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Pasta PE

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-7
Rachel Norris

The children should begin by walking around the room in any direction. On the various commands listed, they should carry out the appropriate action:

  • spaghetti – walk round the room tall and thin arms pointed together;
  • tagliatelli – walk round the room arms pointed side by side;
  • pasta twist – walk round the hall turning round and round;
  • pasta bow – walk round with legs and arms apart, bow shaped;
  • lasagne – lie flat on the floor; macaroni-make a circle with arms;
  • pasta shapes – make a 2D shape in small groups holding hands;
  • spaghetti hoops – make a ‘hoop’ in a small group holding hands;
  • canneloni – roll on the floor;
  • ravioli – stand back to back with a partner.

Hope you find these fun! I also use some pop songs for background music and the kids love it!

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