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Messy Rooms

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11

You will need 20 tennis balls. Split the hall / gym in half and split the class into two groups.

The aim of the game is to have the least amount of balls at your side. The children will roll all their tennis balls to the other side of the room while the other team tries to pass them all back. After a fixed amount of time, count up the number of tennis balls on each side.

The side with the lowest number of tennis balls is the winner!

Sue has suggested this variation… You can play a similar game using pieces of screwed-up newspaper and a centre line. On ‘go’ the children throw the balls of paper across the other side, and when ‘stop’ is signalled, the team with the least paper balls wins.

Chris also gave this feedback:

I was introduced to this activity using “dodge” balls, the super-soft, skin-covered foam balls. I added a “goal” or “target” variation. Since I have moveable basketball nets, I move them closer to the centre line, depending on the age group. I then clip the nets using a binder clip (the nets’ heights are adjustable). If the balls end up in the net, they cannot be thrown back, and that team is “stuck” with them. I time the games for a minute.

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