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Dodgeball Skittles

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Kirk Leonard

This uses the same basic rules as Dodgeball, although you can use more than one soft ball.

Divide the sports hall into 2 halves, and at each end, set up a number of skittles randomly. The game is won when all of the skittles are knocked down or all of the other teams are out (whichever happens first). If a player is out, they need to know who got them out (they can be out by the ball being caught on the full or being hit below the waist). The moment the person that got them out is out, everyone who ‘that person got out’ can come back in. This prevents children from sitting out for a long duration of the game.

  • Skittles cannot be directly guarded (put hoops around skittles to create an ‘exclusion area’).
  • Balls must be thrown underarm.
  • Players cannot cross the halfway line, and once a skittle is knocked down, it remains down.
  • An additional idea is to make one skittle a ‘life saver’ skittle, whereby, if it gets knocked down, anyone on the team trying to knock it down who is already out can come back in.

Mr H has suggested this addition:

To avoid children being excluded in dodgeball, set up two coned areas the full width of the playing zone at each end of the hall. If a child gets hit by the ball, they simply walk across to the other side into the coned area and are allowed to join in from there, so players can still join in. The opposition must also be aware that they can now get hit from behind too!

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