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Dinosaur Tag

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Phoebe Rowbottom

Materials needed:

  • 2 green balls, 2 red balls, 2 sashes of the same colour.


  • 6 children are chosen out of the class to be dinosaurs while the other children run around and try to avoid getting caught.
  • 2 children of those children hold the green balls or “freeze balls” and 2 of the children hold the red balls or “dance balls”. The remaining 2 children are to wear sashes and it is their job to be officers and unfreeze the children that have been caught by the freeze and dance dinosaurs.
  • This means that whenever the frozen dinosaurs move towards the other children, those children have to freeze in order to prevent getting caught and whenever they see a dancing dinosaur coming towards them they need to dance to prevent getting caught. If a child is caught, they need to freeze in a dinosaur pose until the officers come and unfreeze them.
  • More dinosaurs can be added if desired, and actions can be altered to suit individual needs.


  • If you have a small class, only elect one child per dinosaur.

Do you have any other suggestions for different actions? Leave a comment below…

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