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Cups and Saucers

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 7-11
Pamela Smith

Place enough small flexi cones on the floor so that there is at least one for each child. Half of them need to be placed on the floor in the normal way, and half upside down. This creates the cups and saucers.

Divide the class in two, depending on whether they are a cup or saucer, and they have to turn the flexi cones over for their team. The team with the most cones turned over within a set time, e.g. 30 seconds, wins.

The game can be repeated by lengthening the time, travelling in a specific way e.g. hopping, or having an uneven split of cones to start with.

Here are some variations, contributed by Matt:

1) When you have finished this game, you get each team to go back to their side, then on the whistle, each team member runs out and collects one cone and takes it back to their side. When all the cones are gone from the middle, they can steal one cone at a time from the other team. The team with the most cones at the end wins. Make sure they only take one cone. You can add penalties, such as taking 5 off a team if they take more than 1 at a time.
2) Place 4 hoops around the hall / playground, one for each colour cone. Have a good team and a bad team… the good team has to run out, collect one cone and put it in the correct colour hoop; the bad team has to run out, collect one cone and place it in a different colour hoop. When they have all gone from the middle, the good team has to try to sort the cones out into the correct colour hoop, and the bad team has to mix them up. Only one cone can be picked up at a time, and if a cone is picked up, it must be put into a hoop (you can not just pick up a cone and throw it out of the hoop).

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