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Wink Murder!

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-11
Carly McGlinchey

This is a game which my children love to play!

Students sit in a circle on the carpet and you choose a detective. The detective goes outside whilst you choose the murderer. When the murderer winks at you, you must play dead.

The detective then must try and catch the murderer. Another element my class likes to add is ‘dramatic death’ where they are allowed to act.

You can add other dimensions, such as – more detectives, and / or more murderers.

Ahmet Mehmet has suggested the following variation to this game:

Based on wink murder. one person is sent out whilst one is given the role of assassin.The whole group is sat in a circle.

Using three ‘murder weapons’ the assassin must try to murder everyone using the three murder weapons in sequence, for example, a smile, a scratch of the head and rubbing of hands. For each of the murder weapons one of the group is assassinated. This makes it more challenging for the person guessing and also increases the concentration of the group as they have more signs to look out for.

I have used this with Year 6 with great results.

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