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Christmas Gifts

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 5-7
Sara Daniel

I have 20 children in my class, and I teach the Reception Class (4 to 5 yr olds). For Christmas, we did the following assembly:

Each child was a character from some of their favourite nursery rhymes and fairy tales. We had a little boy play Santa, and a little girl play my HOD (head of the dept.). The play went this way……

Santa sits sadly, thinking about what to do since he and all his elves were sick in Santa’s Toyland and could not make any toys for the kids this year. He is not too worried about the rich children since their parents would give them gifts, but he is worried about the poor children all around the world who will be sad since the only gifts they would get are from Santa. So the HOD comes to his rescue and offers to help, and she calls on all the characters to come and give their favourite things to Santa so he could distribute them to the poor children.

The children, one by one, walk to Santa and introduce themselves and give him their item like Goldilocks would give up her favourite porridge, Cinderella would give her glass slippers, Yankee Doodle would give his hat, Old MacDonald would give one of his farm animals or some wheat, Belle would give her book etc. Santa then thanks everyone for their good gesture and tells everybody that the poor children are going to be very happy with all these gifts.

At the end, everyone comes together with the HOD and Santa to sing a few Christmas carols. It was very simple, interesting, colourful and of course ‘Christmasy’ if there is such a word!

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