Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Magic Tricks

by Mark Warner
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Ages: 2-16
Tilly Calow

One of my favourite ways to get your audience’s attention is to add a little magic… literally… there are many tricks you can do to suit any theme.

Card tricks: great for classrooms and very good for math lessons. You could even buy a plain deck and draw your own card faces to suit your needs. Here is an example:

Big tricks: these tricks need a little more planning, but they are well worth it! If you are planning a big trick, make sure it is worth the investment. The bigger the trick, the more likely you will need better equipment for it.

Street tricks: these work best if you pick someone out of your audience…it will always look more authentic that way… though this type of trick is always the hardest to pull off.

I know what you’re thinking…’I’m no magician. How could I fool an entire class?’ and all I can say to that is ‘YOU CAN!’. You would be amazed by how simple tricks really are!

If you’re thinking of doing a trick, then go on the internet and search! There are thousands of ‘magic’ tricks practically spelt out for you!… but one word of advice is ‘Stay calm’. The more nervous you are, the more likely others are to pick up on the ‘how and why’ of what you’re trying. Even more important, always smile!

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